Anger Control and Tolerance

Business is about peoples. Anger and the lack of tolerance can cause damage to valuable relationships at work. This workshop will give you insights into the brain science of Anger and Tolerance.  You will be equipped with practical self-help techniques that will enable you to manage anger, improve tolerance and sustain your personal and professional prosperity through interpersonal relationships.

Program Content

  • What is anger and the brain science of what causes you to get angry
  • How anger can be an useful emotion that helps protect or even motivate humans
  • Recognising anger symptoms in your mind and body before it gets out of control
  • Quick and practical techniques to control your feelings and prevent disruptive behaviours that are caused by anger
  • Taking a systematic approach to develop tolerance by analysing your triggers, thought patterns, lifestyle and interpersonal skills
  • Seeking support from family and friends
  • How to seek professional mental health support if required
  • The impact of anger management in building healthy interpersonal relationships

Participants will learn how to apply principles of neuroscience to understand their stress levels; protect their health from the short and long term effects of stress; use practical techniques to relieve stress quickly; and learn the art of remaining calm and focused during stressful situations.

Program Content

  • The neuroscience of how your brain works under stressful situation
  • The brain, body connection to your physical and mental wellbeing 
  • Self assessment techniques to measure and evaluate your stress levels
  • Understanding your core beliefs that contribute to unidentified stressors 
  • Learn how to recognise early signs of burnout and take prompt action
  • Simple and practical activities to relieve your long term stress
  • Managing spill-over stress from home into your working environment
  • Learning the art of living a fulfilling life amidst problems
  • You will also take away your own personal action plan to use beyond this workshop

Program Content:

Management is a team sport. Together we have the power to achieve what individuals cannot. However, the key to success is in learning the formula of bringing together the right people, providing the necessary leadership, building trust and using a systematic approach to achieve the team objectives.

  • What are teams and why do we need them
  • Understanding and overcoming the challenges of teamwork
  • Using a model to build effective high performance teams
  • Learning to lead and work in teams through the different stages
  • Sustaining teamwork and building trust

Business leaders are capable of influencing others to achieve their organisational goals. However, contemporary leaders know how to change their leadership approaches when necessary and maintain credibility

Program Content:

  • Start with self-awareness and self leadership
  • Understand the fundamentals of leadership in organisations
  • Contemporary leadership theories that deviates significantly from a command & control approach of the past
  • The difference leadership styles and when to use them appropriately
  • Leadership development

Our Personal Coaching and mentoring programs follow a structured approach combined with coaching skills to help clients think through problems and tasks for themselves in overcoming obstacles to unleash their personal potential.

We help individuals clarify and define the goals. Understand how far they are from their stated goals and current realities. Identify obstacle that need to be overcome in order to achieve their goals. Develop options to overcome obstacles and choose a pathway that motivates them to move forward.

We then work alongside them in providing feedback and help the client to stay on track until they achieve their desired goals.

Our guest speeches are highly customised to the needs of the occasion. The duration of a session could be between 1 hour to 2 hours. Some of the speeches we have delivered in the recent past include topics such as “Innovation In Business”, “Unleashing Our Creativity”, “Work life happiness”, “Mental health awareness”, “Building Influential Relationships”, etc

Read more about the speakers

Today’s supervisors and managers are expected to deliver results in highly challenging and dynamic work environments. The lack of life skills and management soft skills such as managing stress, controlling anger, coping with change, etc., causes disruptive behaviour, conflicts, energy drain and slows productivity. 
Another growing challenge in the workplace is mental health problems experienced by members of the workforce. This causes disruptive behaviour in the workplace and interferes with productivity. Mental health  in the workplace can be improved if managers understand the symptoms and know how to provide professional help to those in need.

You will find below a few of our workshops that address these issues and equip people with the essential life skills to improve the quality of life at work and their homes. Customised programs are developed based on your specific organisational needs.

These life skills and supervisory soft skills training programs are also conducted in Sinhala for the benefit of shop floor supervisors and team leaders.

We tailor in-house Management Development Programs and Soft Skills Training workshops that bridge your competency gaps. These programs are highly researched, designed and delivered to equip managers with contemporary competency requirements. We guarantee high quality, interactive and entertaining training sessions.

For a more customised and structured management development and soft skills training, call us for a discussion to help you determine your training  requirements based on the Training needs analysis.

Your business has many indicators that need to be monitored; each with their own relative units of measurement. Identifying, measuring and monitoring  KPI s can improve process efficiencies by leaps and bounds within a very short time. 

Program Content:

  • The importance of becoming effective, efficient as managers
  • How to systematically analyse the business or department to gain business acumen for setting relevant KPIs
  • The logic and benefits of identifying and measuring Key Business Activities
  • How to map business processes and understand the difference between Business Results Indicators (KRI) and their respective Drivers (KPI – Key Performance Indicators)
  • How to use a template for developing the Basis for Measuring each KPI effectively
  • How to consolidate KPI charts, design visual KPI dashboards and conduct performance reviews at management meetings
  • How to implement process reengineering techniques, corrective action plans and conduct productive cross-functional meetings for continuous improvement

Innovation project facilitation involves working with internal teams in applying a suitable Design Thinking approach to innovate products, services, processes or even entire business models.

The process starts by exploring the business or division for opportunities and problems. Once problems and opportunities have been correctly framed and well defined we move the team forward through the progressive stages of the innovation process. These stages include problem framing, ideation, concept development, prototyping, validating and implementation.

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