Promoting Mental Health at Work

Undetected mental health problems are a major cause for disruptive behaviour and poor performance in the workplace. Mental health can be improved if managers understand the symptoms and know how to provide professional help to those in need.

Disruptive behaviour in the workplace can cause unhappiness among teams. Unhappiness in turn drains our energy and slows everyone else down. It is contagious and spreads like cancer. It kills performance and productivity in the workplace. The cost is intangible but huge.

The key areas of focus during this workshop will be:

    • Awareness of mental health issues in our modern society and its impact on productivity
    • How to detect symptoms and take preventive measures to ensure a mentally healthy workforce
    • The neuroscience of human happiness – Why we lose happiness and how happiness can be created.
    • The process of developing essential habits to sustain happiness amidst work Life challenges
    • How to spread happiness and improve relationships at work and in our homes

This is a unique workshop for top and line managers

Author: Dr. Kala Melchior

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