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    By: treasurexm


    “You know how you survive? You make them need you. When they need what you have, they have nowhere else to go” – Bill Gates

    Where will you go if you don’t have Microsoft Office?

    Value is often a matter of how you see what you do. For example notice the following conversation between two people. Felix the photographer and Kelly the Career Counsellor.

    Kelly: “What kind of work do you do?”

    Felix: “I’m a wedding photographer”

    Kelly: “So you tell wedding stories with photographs.”

    Felix: “Well, in a way . . . yes.”

    Kelly: “So why not try telling stories about events other than weddings?”

    Felix: “Wow, I never saw it that way.”

    So think of Value Provided as Customer benefits created by your products and services.
    Value is the only reason why Customers do business with you.

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