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  • Play, Passion, Purpose

    By: treasurexm


    • Play:
    • Human beings are born with an innate desire to explore, experiment, and imagine new possibilities


    • Passion:
    • What drove a young Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs— or more recently a Mark Zuckerberg— to put in the ten thousand– plus hours that they did as young people to achieve a level of mastery?


    • Purpose:
    • Jeff Bezos wants to “make history,” Steve Jobs to “put a ding in the universe,” Skype cofounder Niklas Zennström to “be disruptive, but in the cause of making the world a better place”. Embracing a mission for change makes it much easier to take risks and make mistakes.

    What you study is not that important. Knowing how to find those things you are interested in is way, way more important.

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