Consulting and Coaching

Our Consulting and Coaching interventions focus on business problems and opportunities within specified time limits

In a thought provoking partnership, we leverage our client’s strengths to overcome barriers in processes and capabilities.

We take care to tailor consulting interventions that blend with the business culture, leadership philosophy and the overall business goals.

Each of our interventions go through a four-step design process of understanding current realities, defining goals, developing options and implementing feasible solutions.


Innovation Project Facilitation

By: Mr. Treasurex Melchior

Hands on facilitation using proven processes, tool...

Business Storytelling and Copywriting

By: Mr. Treasurex Melchior

We skilfully turn ideas into stories. Be it a bran...

Executive Coaching

By: Mr. Treasurex Melchior

Our Personal Coaching and mentoring programs follo...

Implementing KPI

By: Mr. Treasurex Melchior

Our KPI expert will coach internal teams to identi...

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