Writing Powerful Business Emails

By: Mr. Treasurex Melchior

In today’s busy and noisy business environment it has become harder, even to get your recipients to open your emails without deleting them. Even if they open the email, how do you get them to read the entire content of the email from start to end? And if you manage to get them to read the entire email how can you ensure they respond favourably to your call of action? This workshop provides practical concepts, tools and techniques to overcome these challenges.

Program Content

  • You will learn how to get attention and avoid the trash even before your emails are opened.
  • Youwilllearnhowtowritecontentthatbuildinterestandavoidyourrecipientdisregard ing your email after reading the first couple of sentences.
  • Most importantly, you will learn how to stimulate desire and push your reader to take action.
  • Techniques for writing powerful and convincing emails
    • How to design an attention grabbing subject line
    • How to write content like an addictive story
    • How to use simple yet concise language as you write
    • How to make a persuasive call for action

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