Anger Control and Tolerance

By: Dr. Kala Melchior

Business is about peoples. Anger and the lack of tolerance can cause damage to valuable relationships at work. This workshop will give you insights into the brain science of Anger and Tolerance.  You will be equipped with practical self-help techniques that will enable you to manage anger, improve tolerance and sustain your personal and professional prosperity through interpersonal relationships.

Program Content

  • What is anger and the brain science of what causes you to get angry
  • How anger can be an useful emotion that helps protect or even motivate humans
  • Recognising anger symptoms in your mind and body before it gets out of control
  • Quick and practical techniques to control your feelings and prevent disruptive behaviours that are caused by anger
  • Taking a systematic approach to develop tolerance by analysing your triggers, thought patterns, lifestyle and interpersonal skills
  • Seeking support from family and friends
  • How to seek professional mental health support if required
  • The impact of anger management in building healthy interpersonal relationships

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