Emotional Intelligence at work

By: Dr. Kala Melchior

This workshop is not about learning the theory of EI. Instead, you will learn how to use the conceptual framework of emotional intelligence in practical ways when interacting with colleagues and customers

  • Emotional Intelligence in a nutshell
  • Understanding the impacts of our personal emotions
  • ‘Why we feel the way we do’ in a given situation – Explained
  • Learning to recognise specific emotions and prevent disruptive impulses when interacting with colleagues and customers
  • Knowing our emotional strengths and limitations to improve anticipatory self management
  • Learning to hold ourselves accountable and face failures in a constructive manner and avoiding over reaction when we succeed
  • Understanding why others feel the way they do and developing empathy and openness
  • Using emotional intelligence to foster diversity and tolerance at work 
  • Learning to see group dynamics, politics and power relationships to act wisely
  • Applying emotional intelligence when influencing others
  • Effective communication skills to improve our emotional intelligence

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