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CCS Group ( http://www.ccsedms.com/en ) is an Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services (EDMS) Partner for European and Asian OEMs of electronic appliances with facilities in Switzerland, Germany, China, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

As we are shifting more towards a performance related pay system, we realised that there is also a need to adequately and fairly measure the relevant staff. Performance appraisal are not solely based on black and white facts and or numbers and therefore leave much room for unfair appraisals.   With that in mind we were looking for an external party being able not only to point us in the right direction but also provide theoretical and practical educational session.

Mr Treasurex Melchior of T K Consulting Consortium Ltd held a one day seminar in our plant for all our Heads of Departments. The session was professional, informative and as a consequence we were able to reach the breakthrough we were looking for.

Raeto Zryd
Managing Director
CCS Lanka Pvt Ltd