Life Skills For Workplace Productivity

By: Hindujhan

Today’s supervisors and managers are expected to deliver results in highly challenging and dynamic work environments. The lack of life skills and management soft skills such as managing stress, controlling anger, coping with change, etc., causes disruptive behaviour, conflicts, energy drain and slows productivity. 
Another growing challenge in the workplace is mental health problems experienced by members of the workforce. This causes disruptive behaviour in the workplace and interferes with productivity. Mental health  in the workplace can be improved if managers understand the symptoms and know how to provide professional help to those in need.

You will find below a few of our workshops that address these issues and equip people with the essential life skills to improve the quality of life at work and their homes. Customised programs are developed based on your specific organisational needs.

These life skills and supervisory soft skills training programs are also conducted in Sinhala for the benefit of shop floor supervisors and team leaders.

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